AAPS Conference 
Posted by Carlos on Oct 04, 2011

In a few weeks, Lacerta Bio will return to DC to participate in the annual convention and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS).

AAPS is a special organization for us. We and many of our colleagues have been members since our graduate school days. The conferences have always been both large and diverse, attracting folks from graduate students to formulation scientists and vendors of all types. More recently, at least for us, AAPS has morphed into an organization and a convention where we can both learn the latest in pharmaceutical science and work on business development activities. Also, because of the scientific focus, AAPS was always and continues to be a global organization and convention.

The Exhibition has also grown and diversified. Need tabletting equipment? You’ll find the major vendors there. Need a CRO? A CDMO? Need a novel, patented drug delivery technology? An injection device? An inhalation device? They’ll all be there. But it’s not just science. Many companies send a combined technical and business development team to AAPS to engage with prospects and partners. More recently, investors from the venture capital and private equity world have come to AAPS in search of investment ideas and opportunities.

AAPS won’t get the headlines that a BIO or JP Morgan Healthcare conference will. But AAPS remains an established, formidable, and important conference for those of us with a combined technical and business development background.

Will you be there? Do let us know!

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