Happy Birthday, Lacerta Bio! 
Posted by Carlos on Jan 04, 2012

Last month, Lacerta Bio celebrated its first full year in existence. In fact, our coming out event was JP Morgan 2011. What have we learned in a year? Probably too much to mention! A few highlights:

  • Outsourcing business development remains a novel concept for many companies. There are a number of reasons for this, and we’ll touch on some of them in our upcoming series.
  • We listened to our clients and prospects, and have expanded and refined our business model to better suite the needs of our clients. Specifically, we have expanded the ways in which we can provide our services to clients, from short-term tasks and activities to completely outsourced, soup-to-nuts business development. We think this business model expansion will be more consistent with what our clients need in 2012 and beyond.
  • Lastly, the environment will remain challenging in 2012. This means that companies executing their business development plans, especially companies who are out-licensing or divesting, will have to be increasingly creative in how and where deals are structured.

Many thanks for the well-wishes, and we eagerly look forward to our second year!

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