Slow summer? Hardly 
Posted by Carlos on Jul 17, 2012

Thank goodness for Twitter. How else can one keep up with all of the news and happenings in our industry during the “slow” month of July? Here are a few stories of interest that we’ve spotted:

Truvada for HIV Prevention – This is truly a remarkable development in HIV. While the industry struggles to develop a vaccine, along comes an oral medication with a prevention label. However, as this story points out, it’s a complicated matter determining who the right population for this medicine is. Plus, as you can imagine, it’s not exactly cheap.

Deloitte 2012 VC Survey –  Deloitte released their annual “venture capital” survey. Now we place venture capital in quotes because the report combines survey results from venture capitalists, private equity investors, and growth equity investors. These are three very different kinds of investors, with different investment criteria, risk tolerance, timeframes, etc. So we would read the results in this press release with this in mind. The full report is available here. A Twitter discussion is available here.

Summer Reading –  Finally, if you do find some time to crack open a good book (or download a good book, if you prefer), Luke Timmerman from Xconomy has assembled for us a summer reading list for biotech.

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