Sandwich Shoppe Sold 
Posted by Carlos on Aug 07, 2012

On Friday, it was announced that the former Pfizer R&D center in Kent, UK, was sold:

The new agreement with Discovery Park will see the consortium take over 297 acres of offices, laboratories, warehouses and parkland, while Pfizer will retain some operations having taken out a lease for some sections of the Park.

We see this as a positive, as a developer has the opportunity to divide the property into smaller pieces, and attract numerous, smaller companies to the facility. This is far more preferable to having the site remain empty. We’ve discussed this facility here and here.
Apparently, there are already companies asking about leasing space, which is again, good news.
One concern we have with this facility is its location. It is situated on the Southeast Coast of England, about 75 miles away from Central London (and nearly 2 hours by train). But, it’s a lovely part of the country. So, hopefully local and national business will relocate there and keep the local economy going.
This makes us wonder what will happen to other, similar facilities, such as the Roche facility in Nutley, New Jersey.
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