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Posted by Carlos on Apr 10, 2013

Business card origami (and kirigami)

Make sure you have enough of these



Rob Wright has a really good article on preparing for BIO. In fact, it’s applicable for just about any major conference or convention. You can read the entire article here.

His advice is spot on, especially with respect to planning early. He published this article in February, when BIO was “only” 10 weeks away. Yet planning has to begin that early.

At Lacerta Bio, we have a simple set of rules for conferences:

1. Find a hotel as soon as they become available

2. Register when the Early Registration is still in place

3. Monitor flight prices, then pounce when they’re favorable

4. Check the business card supply well in advance, and order accordingly.

Here are some other tips:

1. If you’re participating in the One-on-One Partnering, note that it does not synchronize with the myBIO system. So download everything into Excel and prepare your own calendar. Want a mobile version? Upload your final version into Google Drive.

2. There’s no point spending all that money to go to BIO, only to then hide in a hotel room after the day is done. So make evening plans to meet with former colleagues, friends, etc. The official BIO receptions are often crowded, noisy,and difficult for networking. So set your own “receptions” at local watering holes. Better still, join us at the TweetUp. (Just don’t lose that badge!)

3. Not sure what to do in Chicago? Try ChooseChicago.

4. Wear good shoes!

5. Follow all of the action on Twitter, using the #BIO2013 hashtag.


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