Ben Venue to close: Wither Parenterals? 
Posted by Carlos on Oct 03, 2013



Ben Venue Closed

Ed Silverman at Pharmalot reports today that BI is closing Ben Venue once and for all:

More than two years after Ben Venue Laboratories began encountering serious quality control issues that resulted in numerous product shortages, the troubled manufacturer is closing down permanently by the end of the year…

About 1,100 employees are expected to lose their jobs.

Now Ben Venue/BI is not the only company in the US having issues with their parenteral manufacturing. Teva has had issues (since resolved), as have Novartis and Baxter.

Several of our clients, especially in the generics space, are eagerly looking for quality manufacturers of parenterals products.

In fact, we’re working on developing relationships with cGMP parenterals manufacturers ex-US who can satisfy the need for parenterals in the US.

Update: It looks like Boehringer is now looking to sell the facility.


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