More Concerns About Unaffordable Hep C Treatments 
Posted by Carlos on Apr 09, 2014



Our friends at Pharmaphorum posted an overview of the recent WHO guidance for the treatment of hepatitis C.

Of note,

These new oral drugs are able to cure almost all patients of the disease (in combination with standard treatment), increasing the cure rate in patients and also cutting the length of treatment needed.

But the high cost of the drugs is causing concerns about access in rich and poor countries alike.

WHO has addressed the issue directly, and says it will provide support to countries to implement its new guidelines, and will “assist to make the new treatments available and consideration of all possible avenues to make them affordable for all.”

We share the concerns of the WHO regarding pricing. As we stated in an earlier post,

That $28,000 wholesale price is not a typo, folks.

If interested, the full WHO guidance document is available here.

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