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Posted by Carlos on Jul 02, 2014



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We’re back and knee-deep in BIO2014 follow up work. Lacerta Bio was joined by 15,665 other “industry leaders” in days full of partnering discussions, pen-grabbing, eating and drinking, and many other sacrifices and challenges that those of us in our industry have to undergo.

But, before we forget about our trip, here are a few quick thoughts on another great BIO Convention.

1. San Diego is perhaps the perfect location for a convention. The hotels are great, and all within walking distance. The receptions were excellent. The Convention Center is quite good, with plenty of room for everyone. Even the wifi was good! Our only complaint? The amazing walking distances needed to navigate the Partnering Area.

2. It’s not unusual for us to meet with many ex-US companies. And, indeed, BIO2014 was no different. However, there were clearly (at least to us) a greater number of companies from China looking for innovative assets to develop and commercialize in China. One company told us that there are government funds available to finance the development and commercialization of innovative assets in China. So if you have assets and are willing to surrender Chinese commercial rights in exchange for licensing fees now, let us know…

3. The attendance (15,667) was up from BIO2013 in Chicago (13,594), but still below the Boston attendance of 16,505 in 2012. Maybe it was the layout of the Partnering area, but this BIO “felt” more crowded. Indeed, BIO reported over 29,000 scheduled Business Forum meetings, up from the 25,573 in Chicago last year. That’s not to say there wasn’t enough room. It just felt a bit busier in the Partnering area.

4. We were quite pleased to meet so many tech transfer officers who have significant industry licensing experience. This is not always the case, as many tech transfer offices are still staffed by folks from the academic/research side.

Overall, San Diego and BIO delivered another exceptional networking and convention experience. Now the pressure is on, Philly!

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