Book Review: What’s Your Bio Strategy? 
Posted by Carlos on Dec 04, 2017


As a pharmaceutical scientist, the concept of “synthetic biology” sounds somewhat oxymoronic.

It’s true that our industry has been manipulating genes and cells to produce peptides, proteins, and other drugs/intermediates for decades.

But how about creating a cell line to make leather? Or clothing? Or building insulation?

Synthetic biology makes these ideas possible.

The authors take a very interesting approach. Instead of lecturing us on synthetic biology, they instead identify and interview 25-30 experts in their respective fields.

Some of the interviewees are familiar names, such as Craig Venter and George Church.

Importantly, the interview approach means a variety of subjects are covered in a very short, efficient manner.

If you’re unfamiliar with synthetic biology, then What’s Your Bio Strategy? by John Cumbers and Karl Schmieder is a great way to start.

One of the more interesting aspects of synthetic biology is the overlap between multiple disciplines, such as organism design, low-cost DNA synthesis, software, manufacturing, and others.

The final chapters on developing a bio strategy are also quite interesting.

You can pick up your own copy from Amazon or other fine book retailers.

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