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Drug Development (Lack of) in Pain and Addiction 
Posted on Feb 13, 2018

  Following up on their sobering report on drug development in depression, BIO has released another report in their State of Innovation in Highly Prevalence Chronic Diseases series.  This time, BIO tackles Pain and Addiction. The first item which caught our eye was the total number of FDA NCEs approved for pain over the past

The Links Between Bacteria and Disease 
Posted on Feb 09, 2018

If you have nothing better to do on a cold Winter’s day, try researching the links between bacteria and cancer. Want more? Try researching the links between bacteria and a host of other diseases.  Rabbit hole, indeed.  The link between bacteria and cancer was first proposed in 1890. In a lecture published in the British Medical

Innovation in Chronic Diseases: Depressing News 
Posted on Jan 25, 2018

Last week, BIO published an exceedingly interesting report, entitled The State of Innovation in Highly Prevalent Chronic Diseases: Depression Therapeutics. The press release and report are available here. This and future reports will examine the state of innovation in some high prevalence therapeutic areas, such as depression.  The report is fairly short, and we encourage

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