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LIME: The Secret to Better Out-Licensing? 
Posted on Sep 07, 2017

The humble lime…sour, sweet, juicy, and an essential ingredient in many desserts and beverages. Lime also (supposedly) has many health benefits, including weight loss, improved digestion, and improved skin. But the lime also has another benefit…it is one key to improving your out-licensing. At our upcoming Out-Licensing Masterclass in Boston, we will spend a great

Long Form Lectures: A Lost Art? 
Posted on Aug 08, 2017

Over on LinkedIn, we posted an article on long form lectures/presentations. In that article, we take a look at a few video examples of excellent presentations made without the use of complex slides, technology, or jargon. There are lessons to be learned from these presentations masters…lessons which we believe can make a big difference in

A Port Authority Model for the Life Sciences 
Posted on Jul 17, 2017

  Countless electrons have been spilled in the promotion of the biotech and life science industries in and around New York City. Indeed, tremendous strides have been made, especially when it comes to lab space and related infrastructure. Experienced pharma executives are available, making them ideal sources of management talent. Even the VCs are dipping

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