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Innovation in Chronic Diseases: Depressing News 
Posted on Jan 25, 2018

Last week, BIO published an exceedingly interesting report, entitled The State of Innovation in Highly Prevalent Chronic Diseases: Depression Therapeutics. The press release and report are available here. This and future reports will examine the state of innovation in some high prevalence therapeutic areas, such as depression.  The report is fairly short, and we encourage

Drug Overdose Deaths: What Can Pharma Do? 
Posted on Mar 09, 2017

  Last week, the US Centers for Disease Control published a rather alarming report on drug overdose deaths in the US.    Here are a few items which we found surprising and/or interesting:   On The Rise – Age-adjusted drug overdose deaths have steadily increased since the late 1990s. But now we’re seeing “hockey stick”

Skyrocketing Prices for Dermatology Rx Products 
Posted on Nov 30, 2015

Last week, a study published in JAMA Dermatology examined the skyrocketing prices for dermatology prescription products. Amazingly, Of the 19 brand-name drugs analyzed, the retail prices of 7 drugs more than quadrupled during the study period. Among these 19 drugs, the mean price increase was 401% during the 6-year survey period, with the majority of

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