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Digital Marketing by Pharma Continues 
Posted on Jun 25, 2012

While we were all burning shoe leather at BIO2012 this week, the good folks at eMarketer published an interesting article on digital marketing by pharma: Digital advertising spending by the US healthcare and pharmaceutical industry will hit $1.58 billion in 2012 and rise to $2.48 billion by 2016. But even as marketers move larger percentages

partnering360: Yet another networking platform? 
Posted on Nov 03, 2011

This week, our good “acquaintances” from EBD Group launched partnering360. What is it? According to EBD: partnering360™ is an online network of professionals in the life science industry, emerging from the global community of 14,000 executives that use EBD Group’s partneringONE® networking software at partnering events held in North America, Europe and Asia. Steve Dickman

BIO Convention and Business Socialization 
Posted on Jul 07, 2011

We previously posted our comments on BIO 2011. However, one aspect of the conference that really stood out was the use of social media. Attendees were encouraged to provide links to our LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, and other accounts for the myBio web site. The velocity of tweets from the convention was astounding (and continues). And,

The New Marketing Trifecta 
Posted on May 18, 2011

Flowtown has a terrific (and large!) graphic entitled “The New Marketing Trifecta.” The trifecta refers to the three ways companies should (or could) be marketing their products and services. These are eMail, Mobile Devices, and Social Media. This trifecta is clearly an approach that pharma/biotech companies will have to use in order to reach physicians with their

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