Lacerta Bio is a business development consultancy specializing in identifying, assessing, negotiating, and closing licensing and partnership opportunities for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and drug delivery industries.

We also work with and support internal business development teams with market research, competitive intelligence, financial modeling, and other support services.

If you need assistance finding or assessing business development and/or partnership opportunities, contact us at

Current Projects

Seeking Parenteral Products for In-Licensing  
Posted on Jan 21, 2016


Lacerta Bio is seeking parenteral products for in-licensing on behalf of a US-based client.  Key criteria are: Products which can be developed via the 505(b)(2) regulatory process in the US No specific therapeutic area Injectable could be infusion, prefilled syringe, or related presentation Products already approved outside the US are especially welcome Delivery / formulation

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Seeking Injectables Company or Facilities Acquisitions  
Posted on Jun 20, 2016


  Lacerta Bio is looking to transact a business acquisition opportunity in the injectables manufacturing sector. We are seeking manufacturing facilities which have the following criteria: Based outside the US (Europe, Canada, LatAm, Australia, New Zealand preferred) FDA or EU approved manufacturing of parenteral products Could be a stand-alone company which manufactures its own products, or the divestment

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China: Opportunities to Access Partnerships and Capital  
Posted on Feb 14, 2015


Would You Like To Expand Your Business Into China? Or Perhaps You Seek An Investor or Development Partner? China is a large and growing opportunity for Western life science companies, as: Life Science in China is Booming – China’s life science industry has been growing at more than 20%+ per year, and is expect to

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Our Latest Article

HIV/AIDS: Growing Unmet Need & Declining Interest? 
Posted on Aug 24, 2016


In our last post, we presented a model which helps us aggregate a series of variables which, in turn, help us understand why certain therapeutic areas or indications are of greater interest from a licensing perspective than others.

Our aim with this model is to help companies with licenseable assets to frame their “stories” in a way which is compatible with how potential partners approach evaluation and decision-making.

Our first attempt at applying this model is for the HIV/AIDS market. During the 1990s, stories about AIDS were a daily occurrence on the nightly news. Images of celebrities fighting and dying from AIDS seemed to be everywhere. Rock Hudson, Freddy Mercury, Anthony Perkins…the list of celebrities who succumbed to complications from this disease seemed endless.

But what about today? Are there Unmet Needs which can be satisfied via novel therapeutics? And, if so, are they being funded and developed? Are there multinational companies with a stated interested in licensing these innovations once they are sufficiently mature?

In this post, we take a look at these questions.


Latest Posts

On Triumvirates and Licensing 
Posted on Aug 17, 2016

  A triumvirate is a three-person (or three-group) organization which is established for a specific administrative task(s). In Ancient Rome, the First Triumvirate was established between Julius Caesar, Pompey the Great, and Marcus Crassus. Once Crassus dies, a civil war between Caesar and Pompey was fought, resulting in the death of Pompey and the establishment

#BIO2016: The Ten Thousand Step Edition 
Posted on Jun 12, 2016

  Ample numbers of electrons will be spent discussing the BIO2016 conference in San Francisco last week, both positive and negative. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, here are a few of our observations, with the usual caveats about not attending company presentations, etc.   Ten Thousand Steps – We averaged 10,274

#BIO2016: The Streets of San Francisco Edition 
Posted on May 31, 2016

Next week, our industry makes an unusual return trip to Union Square, as we return for another conference. This time, it’s BIO. BIO is unlike other conferences on our circuit, for a few reasons: Size – BIO isn’t just big. It’s massive. Consider, for example, that there are over 6,000 delegates registered for One-on-One partnering.

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