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Current Projects

Urotensin II Receptor Antagonists Available for Licensing  
Posted on Aug 13, 2014

  The Urotensin II receptor is highly expressed in blood vessels, heart, lung and brain. Up-regulation of the Urotensin II receptor in patients with congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension is well-documented. Our client has discovered two potent orally bioavailable antagonists of the Urotensin II receptor. Both of these are more effective than the
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Problems Solved: GPR119 Agonists For Type II Diabetes  
Posted on Apr 25, 2014



GPR119 Activation leads to glucose-dependent insulin secretion and the release of GIP and GLP-1. This mechanism has generated a great deal of excitement in the diabetes research community, as it strongly mimics processes which take place during digestion. Additionally, this mechanism is superior to GLP-1 only ap
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11beta-HSD1 Inhibitor for Glaucoma and Metabolics  
Posted on Jun 10, 2014

11beta-HSD1 converts inactive cortisone to active cortisol.
It is a well-understood mechanism of action, where inhibition has demonstrated potential in diabetes (insulin sensitization), obesity, cognitive disorders, and glaucoma. However, efforts to inhibit this enzyme have been hampered by a lack of selectivity for HSD1 compared to HSD2. Fortunately,
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Our Latest Article

Afrezza Partnered…Now What? 
Posted on Aug 11, 2014


This morning we learned that Sanofi is the winner in the “Where on Earth is the Partner for Afrezza?” sweepstakes.

We’ll defer to the many news outlets for the details. But one interesting take on the deal is from A few good points were raised:

  • Sanofi advanced $175 MM to MannKind as part of the deal, which presumably MannKind will have to repay.
  • Both Profits and Losses will be shared. Unlike relatively neat and clean Royalty deals, this means both Sanofi and MannKind will smile and cry together, depending on how the product performs.
  • The deal clearly works in Sanofi’s favor. Does this reflect the unpartner-ability of this asset? Possibly.
  • What remains unknown to us is how well Afrezza will be reimbursed by the payers.

It will be really interesting to see some of the sales number when they start coming out next year.

For a more detailed analysis of the rationale for this deal from a Sanofi perspective, check out this article on

Latest Posts

Daiichi Sankyo Pay Millions for…Acetaminophen? 
Posted on Aug 07, 2014

Yes, and it might be worth it. Yesterday, Daiichi Sankyo announced an incredible $650 million deal with Florida-based Charleston Laboratories for the development and commercialization of a family of fixed dose combination products. The lead candidate, CL-108, is a fixed dose combination of promethazine, hydrocodone, and acetaminophen. The deal was signed on the back of Read More »

The Premium of a Big Pharma License Deal 
Posted on Jul 30, 2014

  Source: Nature Biotechnology, 32, 617–619, (2014), Published online 08 July 2014 Our good friends at Venture Valuation published an interesting study in the July issue of Nature Biotechnology. In the study, the authors address an interesting question, namely, do small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) receive more lucrative deals from Big Pharma compared to other SMEs? Read More »

Top 10 Drug Products in India 
Posted on Jul 29, 2014

  Do you know which are the top branded drug products in India? We didn’t until we found this handy chart and article.  We took their IMS data a step further by compiling a new table that includes generic names, companies, and sales in US dollars.  A few quick observations: Cough/cold and antibiotics, both short-term Read More »

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