What We Do

Lacerta Bio is a pharmaceutical business development consultancy.

We work with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostic, and other life science companies. We also work with venture capital and private equity firms who invest in these companies.

But what exactly do we do?

For Business Development Professionals – We’re skilled at running parallel in- or out-licensing business development processes along side your existing process.

Retaining Lacerta Bio for a short period of time can dramatically increase the number of prospects for your asset or for your search, leading to better deal flow and faster transactions.

Parallel BD


Is your current process not working as expected? We also audit existing in- or out-licensing processes. We review your BD strategy, presentations, conferences, personnel…everything which can make the difference between a transformative transaction and another year answering questions from your CEO.

For a small investment, we can review all aspects of your process (presentations, data rooms, tracking metrics, and expectations) and provide specific recommendations for improving your process.

Consulting to BD&L – Need a second opinion on a licensing opportunity? Or perhaps you need primary and secondary market research as part of your due diligence?

We combine our strong management consulting and licensing experience and cut through the consultant-speak to provide insights and advice which are directly relevant to in- and out-licensing.

For Acquirers and Investors – We first understand what you are looking for in an investment or an acquisition. We then work with you to identify and evaluate candidates which fit your criteria.

We leverage an array of methods for sourcing opportunities, including the use of online media and our popular newsletter.

We routinely represent our clients at major partnering conferences, such as Biotech Showcase, BIO, and BIO-Europe…all at no extra charge to you. You will never get receipts for bottles of water and cheeseburgers from Lacerta Bio for representation at these conferences.

Importantly, we can represent your interests without disclosing your identity to potential partners…so we only bring highly qualified opportunities to you, freeing you from unwanted calls, email,  and spam.


For Divestors – Are you looking to out-license or divest an asset? We have an extensive list of contacts and networks around the World who are actively seeking licensing or acquisition opportunities.

Importantly, we never depend on an old contact list for our process. We actively seek new contacts to find the most receptive audience for your opportunity.

Other project areas include:

  • Market Opportunity Assessments
  • Competitive Intelligence, including Pipeline Analysis
  • Financial Modeling & Valuation
  • Interim Business Development management
  • Licensing partners or investors from China

If needed, we can also work with a global network of experienced brokers, consultants, bankers, and attorneys to deliver on the services we provide.

A brief presentation is available here: Lacerta Bio Introduction

Contact us at info@lacertabio.com to schedule a free consultation on how we can help you.

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