How to improve your business development process 
Posted by Carlos on Aug 27, 2013



At Lacerta Bio, we believe that business development is a process…a process with discrete steps, activities, timeframes, and deliverables.

Yet many companies, fully aware of how to run the process, still have difficulties either in- or out-licensing assets.

Even though entire books have been written on the subject, business development in our industry is fraught with challenges, mis-steps, and lost opportunities.

When that happens, it’s rare to find a single reason why the process is not going well.

If anything, it’s a complex blend of related issues, such as overly ambitious revenue forecasts, poor reimbursement strategies, management mis-steps, etc.

In an effort to help improve our collective business development efforts, We’ve put together a short webinar that summarizes some of our experiences with out-licensing.

During this short, live webinar, we’ll cover three of the most common reasons why out-licensing processes do not go well.

Putting it another way, this webinar could help you improve your own process, increasing the chances of you completing that transaction you and your company need.

The webinar will be held on September 19th at 1 pm EST.

Registration is free…and bring your questions.

BD Webinar

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