BIO Europe Preparation Video 
Posted by Carlos on Oct 08, 2013




BIO Europe Home Page


Lacerta Bio is pleased to announce our participation in the 19th Annual BIO-Europe Conference in Vienna, Austria.

As with last year’s conference in Hamburg, this year’s version promises to be an excellent opportunity to meet, partner, and forge new relationships.

We are representing several very interesting opportunities in both non-prescription and prescription markets.

So take a look at our profile and send us an invitation.

How to prepare for a partnering conference

A  client of ours asked us a seemingly simple question.

“How do I best prepare for a partnering conference?”

It sounds like a simple question, but it really isn’t.

We touched on a few ideas in our webinar last month.

But to answer this question directly, we put together this short video presentation.

See you in Vienna!



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