Final Thoughts before #BTS15 and #JPM15 
Posted by Carlos on Jan 09, 2015

The decks have been prepared, edited, and uploaded to the cloud.

The meeting schedule is finalized.

The objective of each meeting is clear.

Air, hotel, and ground transportation is all set.

Business cards…comfortable shoes…running gear…all set.

Looks like we’re good to go!

Here are a few of our thoughts before we end our week and prepare to join you in San Francisco next week:

Dear Journalists… – I’m constantly disappointed by the journalism in our industry. So much of it is based on hyping the latest big financing or clinical failure (or, occasionally, a success), that large swaths of our industry remains under-reported. The hype that will emerge next will be especially loud, but not necessarily insightful. There is much more to our industry than the latest “hot” mechanism of action in oncology. Much of the noise next week can be safely ignored.

You “Win” in June –  Brian Reid has it right when he says “You ‘win’ J.P. Morgan in June…” The meetings and relationships you enter into next week could prove fruitful for years to come. June might be a bit too soon (especially for Big Pharma), but directionally it’s spot on. These January conferences are an investment in the future.

Don’t Hide – If you have an hour or more in between meetings, please do not hide in your hotel room. Mingle. Buy a cup of coffee at one of the local Starbucks and chat with a fellow suit-wearer. Whatever you do, don’t hide, and don’t immerse yourself in whatever app is on your phone. You can do that on the way home.

Say Hello – If you see us scurrying from one meeting to another, please stop us and say Hello!

Safe travels, everyone.

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