Preparing for #BIO2015 in Philadelphia…Already? 
Posted by Carlos on Apr 27, 2015

We'll be at BIO. You?


We’ve started preparing for the BIO convention in Philadelphia in June.

Preparing? Already? 


Why start now? We’ll give you three reasons:

New Partnering Interface – BIO has unveiled a brand new interface for the One-on-One Partnering system. Everything is new, and the old profiles will NOT automatically populate the new system. You will have to add personal and asset profiles again from scratch. 

Upload Docs – The new system now enable you to upload documents. So for out-licensing assets, you can choose to upload teasers or presentations. This is an interesting idea, but we wonder if lousy presentations will discourage people from accepting meetings? 

Invite Now, Accept Later – We track invitations and acceptances very carefully, and hopefully you do as well. Now this will depend on your asset, purpose, and business model. But generally speaking, most individuals will only have ~10-20% of their invitations accepted.

So if your goal is 30 meetings, that can be 300 invitations! Sending 10 invitations a day will take you 30 days to send all of these invitations out sooner rather than later. 

Now, it’s important to realize that you will rarely receive acceptances a month before the conference. The acceptances will come quickly in the 2 weeks prior to the convention. But given the small percentage of invitations which will get accepted, it makes sense to start early. 

So hop on over to the registration page, and we’ll see you in the partnering area!

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