Thoughts Leading Up To #BIO2017 
Posted by Carlos on Jun 15, 2017


#BIO2017 is days away. What can we expect?


Crowded Partnering – By our unofficial count, the number of companies registered for One-on-One Partnering exceeds the number from San Francisco last year.

While having more Exhibitors is nice, more people and companies in Partnering means more opportunities to in- or out-license, find new clients, new partners, and build new career and personal friendships.

There will be moments when the hallways will be impassable due to the crowds…which is great! 

Reading Between The Lines – The reporting during and after the convention will be about the usual things, like the biggest deals or the latest clinical success (or failure).

The reality is that there is a lot more activity which takes place that is never reported or publicized.

Deals which do not “move the needle” today (an admittedly awful term) can become headlines in a few years.

So it’s important to chat, listen, and follow non-MSM sources of information. 

Some Will, Some Won’t – At BIO and other conferences, you will meet some of the smartest, nicest people in our industry.

And then there are those who are unfriendly, scowling, unhappy people who have no interest in being there, no interest in interacting, and are just plain miserable to be with.

I concede that some of these folks have personal problems which are front of mind. But there are those who are simply like this all the time, especially when they travel.

If you are one of these people, please try to remember that you are at BIO first and foremost to build and develop relationships.

Why scowl at me when I could have the solution to your business problem?

So smile, shake hands, and let’s talk. 

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