The epilepsy market has undergone a number of significant changes over the past 10 years. A few highlights include:

  • Patent expiry of several blockbusters, like levetiracetam
  • Introduction of several highly innovative NCEs, like perampanel, lacosamide, and rufinamide
  • Deeper understanding of the disease itself

Yet with all of this dynamics taking place, the unmet needs across the entire epilepsy disease spectrum remain significant. 

Over the next few months, we will publish a series of articles on epilepsy. We will highlight new technologies and treatment methods, new devices, new diagnostics, and anything else which we find interesting and relevant. 

Our first article, entitled Epilepsy: An Introduction, sets the stage by discussing some of the key issues surrounding Epilepsy. Future articles will expand on these issues.

Hospital Bed

Epilepsy: An Introduction, published December 1, 2015



Research II



Our second article, Epilepsy: The Pipeline, was published December 17, 2015.

Bench Research Lacerta Bio



Our third article continues our look at the Pipeline, and was published on January 21, 2016.





Our fourth article (published March 1, 2016) digresses a bit and examines some of the challenges associated with gene therapy, as well as the implications for gene therapies to treat CNS conditions like epilepsy. 

Recovery in Hospital



Our fifth article takes a look at gene therapies in development for the treatment of epilepsy.


If you have any ideas for articles, please submit your idea(s) below.

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