Webinar: Increase Your Partnering Effectiveness

LB on PC


In our industry, partnering has become the only way to develop new therapies and serve the unmet needs of patients.

But for many companies, partnering remains a challenging process.

With the advent of mobile and social media and other tools, partnering is quickly moving towards a new set of best practices, strategies, and approaches.

Join me and my friends at partnering360 for a brief webinar, where we will focus on partnering360 as a platform for enhancing your partnering activities.

During this webinar, you will learn

  • The basics of partnering360
  • How to search partnering360 for in-licensing opportunities
  • How to set up “Watchlists” to continuously monitor assets and companies of interest
  • How partnering360 enhances and compliments your attendance at live conferences

The recorded webinar is available on the partnering360 site


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