What is a BD Audit?

A BD Audit is an independent review and analysis of your entire out-licensing value chain. During the course of an Audit, we compare your current out-licensing process with the ideal process.


Recommendations are based on our assessment of your current process versus the ideal process…which we then turn into actionable steps to improve you process and increase the likelihood of securing a partnership. 


It is divided into four segments:


The Asset refers to all of the elements which describe the opportunity, such as presentations, development plans, budgets, and reimbursement. We tackle issues such as:


  • The number and types of presentations you should use…and when to use them
  • When, How, and Why to customize your presentations
  • What to disclose before and after a CDA is signed


The Outreach Plan is the roadmap for navigating the process. Key questions include:


  • Which companies will you contact?
  • Who within those companies will you contact?
  • How will you contact them?
  • Which conferences should you attend, and which should you avoid?


Execution is the actual outreach activity. We provide suggestions on how to track and report your progress.


Follow Up are those activities performed after a prospective licensing partner becomes engaged. We provide suggestions on


  • The creation of presentations suitable for presentation after CDAs are signed
  • How to properly organize a data room
  • The one key element every data room should have
  • How to gather learnings and adjust the process



Our Deliverable


During the course of our analysis, you will receive interim and final versions of a detailed report summarizing our findings.


Importantly, our recommendations are


  • Tailored to fit your needs, based on our analysis of your asset
  • Actionable so you will know what to do next (and why it’s important)
  • Completely geared towards out-licensing


How Long Does This Take?


Depending on the complexity of the case, we typically complete our audits in one month. We can also extend the process and assist you in improving your process by developing new presentations, reorganizing the data room, and even perform the market research necessary to enhance the information supporting your asset opportunity.


Why Lacerta Bio?


Founded in 2010, Lacerta Bio is totally dedicated to pharma and biotech business development. We have worked on many successful licensing projects, and we have seen many of them fail simply because they are not presented well. We can help change that.


We understand what it takes to grab the attention of the multinational pharmaceutical companies, and to start the dialogue which may lead to a licensing deal.


Contact us today to learn more!


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