Working with BD&L Consultancies

Late last year, we were privileged to present an hour-long talk entitled Working with External BD&L Consultancies. Since then, we have taken the talk and turned it into a series of posts that will appear on this page.

On this page, we will discuss topics such as:

  • Developing an overarching BD&L strategy
  • On the importance of storytelling in business development
  • Geography and Bandwidth

Our first segment discusses a few reasons why some companies are unsuccessful at business development. Our second segment touches on the importance of having a BD&L strategy in place. Our third segment discusses the importance of storytelling in the business development process.  Our fourth segment discusses the knotty problem of geography and bandwidth, and how external firms can help expand both vectors.

Our fifth segment discusses adjacencies, which is a nice problem to have, yet a difficult one to address.

Our sixth segment proposes a model by which companies can expand their BD&L scouting capacity without hiring and without retaining consultants.

We’re very excited about this series, which should run well into the Fourth Quarter of this year. So keep an eye on this space, beginning in late January…and please post your comments below. 

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